Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Libertarians...Now Is Not The Time To Look For Shortcuts

By, Chris Rossini

A friend, who I consider to be a very keen observer of the libertarian "movement" emails:
Ron Paul 'awoke' millions, but the "liberty movement" is at least half full of half-ass pseudo-libertarian statists. I see so many of them that have little good to say about RP now. He failed in their eyes. It's all about attaining the crown. So frustrating.
If there's one thing that Ron Paul stressed, it's that we're engaged in a battle of ideas. The goal is to convince/teach people the ideas of liberty.

There are no short-cuts. It's a long and winding road.

Let Ron Paul's career in Congress act as a guide. How easy would it have been for him to just bend a little?

But he didn't. He knew that the ideas of liberty cannot (and should not) be watered down.

When did the results come in?

In the first year? No.

In the first decade? No.

Try around 30 years later!

The old saying remains true: As you sow, so shall you reap.

Ron Paul stayed true to principle, and sowed the seeds of liberty for 30 years. As a result, he (and all of us) were rewarded with the mother of all bumper crops!

Now is not the time to look for shortcuts, or to trade away some libertarian ideas in exchange for statist ideas, like they're baseball cards.

The goal is not to obtain some vicious Crown. A famous warning must be kept in mind: And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?

It's time to take the example that Ron Paul set and live it ourselves. We've seen what one man with principle can achieve. Imagine multiplying that by thousands, or even millions...

But it's a choice...and we all have to make it.

One of my favorite movie scenes came to mind that sums up the choice perfectly. It's only 40 seconds long, but it speaks volumes:

Stay true to the message...don't get squished.

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  1. Ron Paul was no doubt a man of principle. Unfortunately, his principles were not libertarian.

    "Now is not the time to look for shortcuts, or to trade away some libertarian ideas in exchange for statist ideas, like they're baseball cards."

    The Constitution is a statist idea. Only going to war when authorized by Congress is a statist idea. Voting to authorize the invasion of a country for the actions of individuals is a statist idea. Apportioned direct taxation is a statist idea, as are import duties. Seeking the platform of political office to spread ideas is a statist idea (libertarians don't accept theft as a legitimate means to provide healthcare, but somehow theft to fund an educational tour for Austrian economics is just?!).

    Ron Paul may be a great "gateway drug", and thus a useful ally, but he's not the real deal; he's not a libertarian. Your friend calls out "half-ass pseudo-libertarian statists" in the RP movement, but by any coherent application of those terms, Ron Paul himself is a half-ass pseudo-libertarian statist.

    1. Brian-

      Ron Paul agreed to follow the Constitution, but his understanding and support of anarcho libertarian postions cannot be questioned.

    2. Love Dr. Ron.
      He's a "libertarian Republican".
      I think the distinction is meaningful.
      And yes, I agree with all your points.

    3. Ron Paul's efforts have vastly swelled the ancap ranks. That's because libertarian is a path with only one logical conclusion: no state. Do you think the ancap subreddit would be anywhere near 10K subscribers had RP not come along?

      I say: Thanks, Ron Paul!

    4. Brian

      According to the following from Rothbard, Ron Paul was quite libertarian:

      "How, then, can we know whether any halfway measure or transitional demand should be hailed as a step forward or condemned as an opportunistic betrayal? There are two vitally important criteria for answering this crucial question: (1) that, whatever the transitional demands, the ultimate end of liberty be always held aloft as the desired goal; and (2) that no steps or means ever explicitly or implicitly contradict the ultimate goal."

      Despite whatever interim measures Dr. Paul proposed, he always spoke of the ultimate objective.

  2. Mr. Rossini:

    Becky Akers of posted a story today of a Jewish woman in Gloucester county, NJ, who read from the Constitution to oppose the reevaluation (and elevation) of her property values. She was arrested for "making threats."

    If you didn't see it today, please check it out.