Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MUST READ: The Great Super Fantastic Bank of Cyprus & Its Awards of Excellence

By, Chris Rossini

The Bank of Cyprus, which is stealing up to 40% of deposits from those with more than 100k Euros, had quite a veil of legitimacy.

Check out the prestigious awards that the bank recently earned:
Feb 25 2011 - The Banker magazine ranked the Bank of Cyprus amongst the leading banks of the world.

Apr 4 2011 - The prestigious Global Finance financial magazine honours the Bank of Cyprus with the title of Best Bank in Cyprus.

Jun 15 2011 - The Bank of Cyprus has succeeded in being included in the category of «Best Banking Organizations» worldwide at the annual World Finance Banking Awards of the internationally acclaimed financial magazine World Finance.

Sept 13 2011 - In the framework of its annual “Awards for Excellence 2011”, the Bank of Cyprus was named Best Bank in Cyprus by the international financial magazine EUROMONEY.

Nov 1 2011 - The Bank of Cyprus was awarded the ‘JP Morgan Chase Quality Recognition Award’ for its funds transfer operations for the eleventh consecutive year.

Dec 1 2011 - The Bank of Cyprus was named “Bank of the year 2011” in Cyprus by the prestigious international financial affairs publication The Banker, during its annual “Bank of the Year Awards 2011.”

Feb 9 2012 - Bank of Cyprus has been named as the Best Bank for Private Banking in Cyprus, by the internationally acclaimed magazine EUROMONEY.

Mar 23 2012 - The international financial magazine ‘Global Finance’ has named the Bank of Cyprus the best banking institution in Cyprus in the Developed Markets category of “World’s Best Banks Awards”.

Sep 26 2012 - Bank of Cyprus has been awarded the ‘2011 Citi Performance Excellence Award’ by the world-renowned financial organization Citibank, for global electronic payments leadership and excellence.
All of it?

Propaganda BS.

The entire worldwide fiat money bloodstream runs on it.

The Central Banking heart pumps propaganda with every single beat. The arteries in the U.S., including The New York Times, Slate, The Atlantic, BusinessInsider, WashingtonPost etc....carry the propaganda to the people in the U.S. in the exact same way that the publications listed above did in Cyprus.

Under the fiat money system, "your" money in the bank is not safe...ever.

Even if it's not stolen in plain sight (like they're doing in Cyprus) its purchasing power is stolen discreetly via monetary inflation (or QE as the arteries like to call it).

When the central banking heart finally fails...

...there's no going back to the arteries for redress. You won't be able to say "But Mr. Krugman, you told us...."

Too late...no one cares.

Protect yourself now.

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  1. Do their lips move(?) (politician, banker, et al), then its probably a lie. . . . Or a 'truth' that obscures the reality. (:-(