Thursday, March 7, 2013

Not Good: Rand Paul's First Interview after the Filibuster...

will be with the very curious, Glenn Beck.

Does the fact that Beck's buddy, Jack Hunter, is now Rand's media director have anything to do with this?

For something that has garnered as much attention as Rand's filibuster has, you want to go to mainstream media first to spread the liberty message (assuming, for the moment, that this is Rand's goal) You are not always going to be provided access to MSM, so you should want to grab it when you can. Not squander the opportunity on Beck's show, which Rand can get on anytime.

This does nothing but build Beck's audience and gives Beck a chance to dilute the libertarian message with his confused understanding of liberty.

This is how the operators diluted Ron Paul's message, by making unusual moves that really did not advance Ron's interests. It appears the same thing is happening with Rand, although Rand appears much more eager to step into the quicksand.

This would have been an ideal time to breakthrough into MSM, sadly Beck (and Hunter) will make a mess of the opportunity.


Glenn Beck already starts the destruction process for Rand's message:


  1. You guys here at EPJ are going to have a miserable next 3yrs as Rands popularity increases and he's more and more in your face each day.. going to be fun reading your apoplectic rants....

    1. not really, in the remote chance he is the candidate in 2016 (i'm thinking Patreous will pop up again around 2015)he'll be mouthing the same free market bromides that Republicans have vomited up since Reagan and then he'll either be defeated or win and all that end as government carries on as normal, killing people

    2. That's fine. Just because he's "in our faces" doesn't mean he's a) correct b) good c) worthy of adulation d) not guilty of being a sell-out and wishy washy in terms of any kind of principles.

      Argumentum ad populum much?

  2. "spread the liberty message "
    Just what is the liberty message? I am so depressed over the response of so called libertarians on the recent story about the independant living facility honouring it's contract with an 87y/o resident by not doing CPR. On the libertarian websites that covered the story,the vast majority of comments were pro-911 operator(a low level government employee), and against a person's right to be DNR. Good thing you didn't cover this story as I suspect it would revel that most of your readers would side with government intervention instead of letting private parties decide their own affairs. Are there really any libertarians who demonstrate this belief system in their actual day-to-day lives? I dont really think this is off subject.

  3. Liberty activists do not generally respect and trust Rand Paul. After last night's epic filibuster, Rand scored big points with the same folks who love his dad. Stay tuned!