Sunday, March 24, 2013

Robert Wenzel Talks to John Mackey of Whole Foods

This Week's Guest Is:
John Mackey
CEO of WholeFoods 

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  2. Looks like EPJ has hit the bigtime: time to step up to the $9.95/mo Podbean plan!

  3. Please repost...John Mackey's spinning gold lately. Thanks.

    1. Is it possible to get this working? I'm a big fan and would like to see if Bob asks him any interesting questions.

  4. YouTube of the Interview is now available.

  5. The profit is the signal he receives that he is serving his customers. By serving his customers, he receives profit. If they weren't receiving profit, they would realize they weren't achieving their higher purpose of serving his customers. Its like saying his purpose is the signal rather than the higher purpose in which the profit is the signal that determines whether or not he is achieving that higher purpose. I think I understand what John Mackey was saying. The profit isn't the purpose, its the signal or tool. Some entrepreneurs only focus on the profit and will do whatever they can to make more money. And that's fine. They trial and error to see what gets the highest profit. Mackey chose his life career of serving organic food and utilizes the profit motive to determine the best way to serve organic food. Both achieve the same thing in the end, but their focus or perspective is different.