Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Ghost of Warren Buffett's Father Visits Him (Via Mark Thornton)

In 1962, Warren Buffett's father, Howard, wrote to the great economist Murray Rothbard and asked Rothbard for a copy of a book Rothbard wrote, "The Panic of 1819." He said in the letter that the book was for his son, Warren.

In light of the fact that Buffett went on television recently to hail John Maynard Keynes, economist Mark Thornton concluded that the Rothbard book must have gotten lost in the mail. And Thornton has thus taken it upon himself to send Warren a care package that not only includes a copy of the original letter Howard sent and a copy of "The Panic of 1819," but also a copy of Rothbard's book,  "America's Great Depression."


  1. Possible reply; Dear Mark,
    Thank you for the unsolicited book however it has joined the first copy in being tossed out.

  2. Pearls before swine.

    Which of Ron Paul's books or speeches will he send Rand?