Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Sequester Circus is Over

John Raines emails:
As a follow up to my previous email about the sequester, I came across this article today. 
MIRACULOUSLY, the furlough days for DOD civilians is reduced from 22 to 14! For all of the fear mongering of the sky falling and the sequester apocalypse our leaders will be lauded for 'protecting' the public servants who serve our nation from the horrors of 'budget cuts'.

Now that we've moved past the end of the year sequester circus the government can stop threatening government works with pay cuts. Watch next, the FAA will find a way to keep airports open and keep air traffic controllers on the job too.

Of course, on my fledging blog I wrote about how we can cut the money from the sequester by simply stopping building Afghan infrastructure and subsidizing the Afghan security force. As an added bonus, we could cut the $1 trillion F-35 project for a plane that doesn't fly.

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