Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Sunday Times interview with Syria's President Bashar al-Assad

Bottom line: The US and Britain should mind their own business, says Assad. They are no help. They can't help in the domestic situation in Syria. "We don't expect arsonists to be firefighters," says Assad

(ht John Duncan)


  1. First thought:
    "Holy Crap!! He's wearing a TIE!!"
    He's a secular dude! (well I knew that). Whatever happened to the "War on Terror" which opposes theocratic extremism and encourages secular government (women's rights, etc.)
    But he's the BAD guy (like Saddam, Mubarak, Ghadafi; all secular).
    Hmmmm. Ya don't think the U.S. gummint is growing their own "enemies" do ya???

    1. Right with you Capn Mike.

      Assad plainly says: please leave us alone.

      Of course that means, the U.S. will not leave them alone. If these conflicts broaden further, will the U.S. impose a draft, and will the American people stand for it?

      Does the U.S. want another world war?

      Given Zibigniew Brzezinski's statement to CFR (that "for the first time in human history, mankind is politically awakened. That's a total, new reality), do our overlords want to attempt further diversion and power-grabbing through WWIII?

    2. @ capnmike: Positive; you must have missed the part where al Assad started the war by killing syrians whose crimes was participate in peaceful demonstrations.

      Liked the part about religion though as it made you sound smart for a second.

  2. Could Glenn Beck be less articulate? The tortured baby formula and candy on the table metaphor is beyond ridiculous.