Saturday, March 9, 2013

This Week in TSA Drama

Baghdad TSA Bob reports:
The contents of a checked bag at Indianapolis (IND) drew our officer’s attention: After alarming in the X-ray, our officers discovered 30 electric matches, a bag of potassium chlorate in the original packaging, a bag of titanium powder in the original packaging, a bag of powder that appeared to be a mixture of potassium chlorate and titanium powder, and a vest that appeared to be a suicide vest. All of the items were inert and the passenger was an explosives instructor]
A total of seven inert/replica grenades were discovered this week.
After alarming Advanced Imaging Technology at Minneapolis (MSP), the TSA officer asked the passenger if he had any items he would like to divest from that area, the passenger stated: “Yes, A Colt .45.” He didn’t have a firearm.


  1. Wow, Pretty Scary eh, kids? As Count Floyd used to say.
    As to those grenade replicas, it seems like they see an awful lot of them, but they're really quite common. I used to have one that was a cigarette lighter. (I've long since quit smoking (tobacco)).

  2. Also (hey, Robert, if I'm commenting too much, let me know...)
    My brother-in-law is an explosives dealer. He's also a "master blaster" and does a LOT of quarry work.
    So I asked him: "Hey, do you have a hard time with those explosive sniffers at the airport?" His answer: "No. Never."