Monday, March 4, 2013

UKIP Gaining Traction in UK

John Duncan emails:

UKIP [the UK Independent Party] nabbed 28% of the vote here in a recent by-election (triggered when a politician had to resign when pleading guilty to making his wife take a speeding fine).  Here's a write up from Yahoo:

UKIP consider themselves a libertarian party although they're not that libertarian but a lot better than the others on many policies (

The main issue where they're doing really well picking up support from all main parties including working class voters is immigration.  The EU's continued expansion means more people heading to Britain where they're entitled to a range of benefits and support as they have to be treated like everyone else.  Next January Romanian and Bulgarian's will be entitled to these benefits which are quite generous and includes unemployment benefit, housing support, child support and of course "free" education and healthcare.

Tabloids run stories about bus loads in these countries making extensive plans to travel and take advantage so political tensions are running high.  UKIP are capitalizing on this as their position on leaving the EU means logically an end to that.  With the UK running a £120bn deficit and a £2 trillion national debt if you include the bankster bailouts which cannot ever be paid back something has to give

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  1. UKIP and the Italians demonstrating the opening up of their societies to new, growing, minority parties.
    Contrast this with the shameful treatment RP got in the U.S. Makes ya think, huh?
    Speaking of RP, the Globe+Mail ran a short piece on hi visit to Canada.
    The comments were nauseating! What a bunch of brain-dead commies!
    Is it Canadians or just the Globe+Mail readers?