Monday, March 4, 2013

Handling Defeat: Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul

By, Chris Rossini

Both Mitt Romney and Ron Paul attempted to unseat Mr. Hope & Change. Neither man succeeded.

Romney ran for Power, while Ron Paul ran to eliminate and reign in as much power as he possibly could. How each man handled the defeat was as different as their reasons for running.
Romney's book?

Buy a pack of gum instead

Two men didn't become President. Only one was defeated.

(Thank you Travis Holte)

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  1. Excellent post! The GOP hijacked the nomination with a rich and elite fat cat banker and threw the only potential winner under the bus. That is how out of touch the GOP is with their base.

  2. Great post Chris. I heard that soundbite from Romney earlier today and about barfed. Excellent juxtaposition of liberty vs. power.

  3. Agreed with the others. Fantastic post demonstrating the values (or lack thereof) of each man (or in Romney's case, reptile)