Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ace Reporter Felix "The CatFish" Salmon En Route to the Capitol City Reports In

The tweet stream:

felix salmon ‏@felixsalmon
Bob Rubin is on my flight to DC.

Phil Perspective ‏@PhilPerspective
@felixsalmon Does he have a security detail?

felix salmon ‏@felixsalmon
.@PhilPerspective I think so. Rubin's in Row 1, while a guy with an earpiece seems to have commandeered all of row 6.

Robert Wenzel ‏@WenzelEconomics
@felixsalmon @PhilPerspective LOL Rubin doesn't travel with a security detail.

felix salmon ‏@felixsalmon
Oh wait, looks like it's Susan Rice with the security detail. @WenzelEconomics @philperspective

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