Saturday, April 20, 2013

Glenn Beck Gives Government Until Monday to Come Clean About Boston Bombing Cover-Up

The curious Glenn Beck is out with a bizarre commentary. Who knows what this about? During his show he talks about a Saudi national apparently in connection with the bombing. Has he misidentified the suspects? Is he on to something else? Is this a massive dose of misinformation? Who really knows? The Beck commentary is here.


  1. Within the fist hour or so there was some info about a Saudi national leaving the scene. I think it turned out he was a spectator fleeing the boom like others did.

  2. I have not listened to the commentary but I assume the Saudi that he refers to is the initial suspect (a Saudi student, son of a wealthy and powerful Saudi family) who was immediately deported following his release from custody. Obama met in private with the Saudi prince just after the bombings. Some have speculated that the this student was in fact the bomber and is involved in a massive cover up because of his family's status.

    This partially explains why John King initially announced that he had confirmed from a source inside the Boston PD that they had arrested a suspect. He was forced to quickly dismiss this as erroneous after the authorities quickly poo-poo-ed his story.

    But why would a respected journalist with a confidential source make something like this up...if he new it was un-true, he knew that he would only look like an idiot as he did after he retracted his statement. I don't agree with King's politics but he is not an idiot, why would he announce that they had a suspect from a confidential source inside the Boston PD??

    1. I find the question about John King to be a good one. He's not an idiot. But I'm not going to believe Beck about all this until he presents some actual evidence. I think he's just crazy or he wants to connect the Saudis to the bombing through any means necessary.