Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nigel Farage UKIP "Libertarianism" Fraud?

Cristian A Gardner emails:


you like exposing Rand's non-libertarian views, here's Farage's UKIP in an
official campaign video. They call themselves libertarian, but they're
not. They're frauds, maybe the least worst political frauds we have in the
UK but still...

-Support for NHS
-Support for government schools
-Support for "elderly" welfare
-Support for university funding + homeownership
-Support for milk price controls???
-Foreigners denied their human rights
-Support for large military + military welfare
-Support for immigration controls


  1. we are not Libertarian, pragmatic Classical Liberals at best. Strongly freedom loving, but within the context of where we are, rather than abstract perfection.

    It's a start

  2. They're a populist party with ~some~ Libertarian ideas but absolutely not a Libertarian Party.

  3. Here he is trying to bask in Ron Paul's glory. Hopefully Farage learns the true meaning of Libertarianism.

    From UKIP's website:

    "Two of the world's leading libertarian politicians, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and the man described as "the Intellectual Godfather" of the Tea Party movement, Ron Paul"

  4. Videos of Nigel are great! He calls the EU "the new communism." lol!
    Not perfect, but like the other guy said, it's a start.

  5. Nigel is light years ahead of Rand because:

    1) I have no doubt Farage is sincere in what he believes, right or wrong. Rand chooses his positions very carefully to gain maximum political advantage.

    2) As far as I know, Farage didn't ride his father's coat tails into power then oppose everything he stood for.

    3) Nigel is not afraid to look the establishment in the eye and tell them exactly what they need to be told. Rand seems to want to be the establishment's hidden cat's paw.

    Now whether his views are purely libertarian is another matter. Denis Kucinich was no libertarian either, but I'd pick him over anyone else, except for Ron Paul.


  6. Following a statist economic policy will undermine the legitimacy of UKIP eventually, even if the party advocates for a smaller government or stopping expansion of government debt.

    UKIP advocating for laissez faire economy but continuing support for NHS or subsidies is like a surgeon recommending taking out an eighth of the tumor, as opposed to the pure statists like Labor, which claim there is no tumor.

  7. Libertarians worldwide are against open borders because one's country pertains to its citizens. It works on the same lines as private property. Sadly, a number of UK 'libertarians' haven't quite got around this simple notion.

  8. Cristian, With all due respect I think that UKIP are being pragmatic. For example, I've had numerous discussions with people in the UK about the NHS. I spoken about the levels of incompetence (look at figures on death from iatrogenic causes), I've spoken about the money spent per capita (in 2010 it was £2000 per person! - You could easily buy good quality medical insurance policy for that sort of money), I've spoken about the need for competition among the various practitioners of medicine (i.e. allopathic, naturopathy, homeopathy, bioelectric, etc) in order to improve the quality and drive down the cost. Every one (even those who support UKIP) support the NHS!?! It's like they are completely blind to the fact that not only is it unsustainable but that it costs them more than if they bought a medical and dental insurance policy for their whole family (£8000 per year for a family of 4 vs maybe £3450 for a family of 4). Why? Because they've all been brainwashed since they entered the UK education system of how wonderful is the NHS. It's striking!

  9. Following up on my previous comment, my figure for a family of 4 was incorrect. It's alot less. It's about £1500 per year!!! Similarly many of the areas which Cristian outlines are considered sacrosanct to most UK voters irrespective of whether they are on the left or the right. Try pushing homeschooling in the UK and see where that gets you!