Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who the Hell are the "Black and Tans" that were in Boston? discusses:

The person [...]wearing black jacket, tan slacks and boots, is part of a larger group all dressed the same.

In the wider view, it is clear this is after the bombing. But they are not helping the victims, nor searching for clues. Although dressed in uniform, they show no insignia at all, not even for police or fire department. And they seem to be wearing the same backpacks used to conceal the bombs.

[...] Here is another picture of the men in black and tan (lower left) leaving the scene.

These men are not first responders or they would be helping the victims. They are not law enforcement, or they would be helping with crowd control. They are not bomb disposal squad or they would be looking for more bombs.

So who the hell are they?


  1. They're members of the Mass. National Guard's Civil Support Team. Other states have them as well. The black&tans seem to be their operational dress. One of their jobs is to wandering an event about, looking for chemical/bio/nuclear signatures.

    Post on Infowars actually has good info about it:

  2. infowars is reporting that they are personnel of a security contracting firm similar to blackwater.

    not sure if thats reliable information or just one of alex jones's wild assumptions.

  3. They're Homeland Security. Look at their SUV and the gear on top. My guess would be this group was using facial recognition and other high tech methods to inspect the crowd. I surmise the reason they aren't helping is their job is capture surveillance information.

  4. These clowns are from "The Craft". It is a private training company of Mercenaries. They primarily train the military and police.

    1. Check their website, and you will find all the clothing they are wearing (boots, jackets, pants, hats with skull insignia) for sale. So ultimately, could be just about anybody...

  5. As someone has already said, they are CST. Here is a picture of them and some of their colleagues, some clearly have CST badges on.

    Here is a picture of a CST vehicle, same make with same winch on front and Sat Comms on roof.

  6. I saw a story about them. They are supposedly from CRAFT - a military "security" contractor. Mercentaries.

  7. They are National Guard Civil Support Team members.

    See here:

  8. If they were a support team, what were they carrying in the backpacks? They never opened them.

  9. In terms of groups whose agenda might be advanced by the US national reaction to the Boston attack, Mossad (Israel) and the KGB (Russia) are obvious examples.

  10. Russian intelligence reported at least one of the men to the FBI SIX MONTHS AGO.

    That rules out Russian complicity, leaving the Israel/Mossad agenda as the conspicuous sole beneficiary of the Boston attack.

  11. Why would these people be there in the first place at an event like the Boston Marathon? Unless.....they knew something was going to happen....or were involved in it. Critical thinking, logic, and common sense folks. All things our government is not a fan of.