Monday, April 1, 2013

Profit Column: EPJ versus Business Insider

The anti-gold, leftist, web site, Business Insider, which was co-founded by Henry Blodget, lost $3 million in 2012, according to Blodget. And get this, he says the site has ONLY spent $7 million of the $13 million it has raised.

This suggests that his cash flow is much worse than the $3 million loss.

EPJ is comfortably profitable. All those wanting to invest have been turned down.

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  1. Business Insider, which claimed revenue of $5 million in 2011, lost $3 million in 2012.
    TBI chairman Kevin Ryan says the company will do $11 million this year-
    Isn't this Blodget's calling card from the dot com era- the gross inflating of revenue prospects and stock price estimates? He ought to join the other gang of thieves in the District of Crime.