Friday, April 12, 2013

Ron Paul and Religion

Lew Rockwell has an important commentary up about Ron Paul and religion. He writes:
Ron Paul Is Not a Christian Fundamentalist

Despite what the Guardian claims, Ron is no religious right-winger. His non-denominational Protestant faith is tolerant and humble. It's true that Ron employs the brilliant Gary North; he also employs the brilliant Tom Woods, both to help him with his homeschool curriculum. But Ron is neither a Calvinist nor a Catholic, and he is in charge of the content and everything else. And as Ron said yesterday in a conference call, he wants a curriculum that--while recognizing the importance of religion, as the non-religious Murray Rothbard did--is not "Christian."

"I want all parents concerned about getting, a high-quality, low-price, rigorous, parent-controlled, pro-liberty education for their children to be able to use this curriculum, whether they are atheist libertarians or evangelicals or anyone else," he said. Gary North's religious views are not Ron Paul's, and neither are Tom Woods's. But Ron works happily with both these scholars on shared liberty projects. "Freedom brings people together," as he has often noted.
This falls in line with my experience with Ron Paul. In 2011, when I spent some time with Dr.Paul, during his run for the Republican presidential run, there was much news coverage of Michelle Bachmann and Mike Huckabee. Early on during our meeting, on his own, without any prompting from me, he looked at me in his kindly manner and said something along the lines: "I really think religion is a private matter and shouldn't have a prominent role in politics."  Humble and tolerant of religions is exactly the way Dr. Paul came off to me, without any desire to mix his religious views with anyone or any organization. That was the extent of our conversation about religion. We spent most of the rest of the time talking about Keynes, Rothbard the Fed, gold and silver.

BTW, my guest next week on The Robert Wenzel Show will be Gary North.


  1. I am glad Dr. Paul cleared this up.

  2. I would also add (and always emphasize) that if you want to live like a fundamentalist Christian and send your kids to fundamentalist schools and hang out with other fundamentalists and avoid non-fundamentalists, you would be allowed to. You just couldn't harass the folks who disagree with you. Just like the lesbian atheist anti-gun types could do the same.

  3. If this interview has not taken place yet, will you ask him to clarify some of his views. Particularly on "theocracy" and "stoning"? I don't care about his religious views particularly, but I'd like to hear his defense in order to better help myself defend him from attacks (or even decide if I should defend him in the first place...)

  4. From this post I conclude that Dr Paul is a Libertarian.

    Well, I thediktatreporter, am not a Biblitarian, nope ... I am a John 3:16 born again beliver in Christ, with Apocalyptic Vision, and I blog on diktat as curreny, money and power, and also blog on the rise of the diktat money system, which is rising to replace the fiat money system.

    Could you please consider asking Mr North about his views if any on:
    1) Dispensationalism, Ephesians 1:10
    2) Bible prophecy of the Statue of Empires seen in Daniel 2:25-45
    3) Bible prophecy of Revelation 13:1-4?