Friday, April 12, 2013

The Wenzel Days Ahead

It's going to be a busy few weeks for me. I'll be heading into the belly of various beasts.

There's a Bitcoin Conference in San Jose in May that I will be attending, as an invited member of the media. This should be interesting, given my recent comments on bitcoins I may need bodyguards.

This coming week I have been invited to be an observer at the  "The Future of
the Euro: Lessons from History" Conference. It's sponsored by the University of California,  Institute of European Studies, the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation and the Austrian National Bank, will be held at the University of California, Berkeley.

According to the event organizers, the event will focus on the following questions:
Will the Euro survive? Should it survive? Will the current crisis lead to the banking, fiscal, and political union ultimately required for monetary union and envisioned when the euro was created? Or will current efforts to stabilize the monetary union with only limited moves in the direction of banking, fiscal and political union suffice to save the euro? Is there danger that pressure for deeper integration will only worsen the “democratic deficit problem” and create a backlash against the larger European project?
Helene Schuberth, Senior Advisor, Austrian National Bank and Brad DeLong will be among the participants.

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