Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Volcker Secretly Visited Israel on Behalf of President Obama in 2009

From new cables released by Wikileaks:

Maariv reported that former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul
Volcker, QObamaQs economic adviser,Q secretly visited Israel last
month and met with Netanyahu and Bank of Israel Governor Prof.
Stanley Fischer to discuss ObamaQs economic policy with Netanyahu
Cable sent from:
Israel Tel Aviv [US Embassy]

To:Algeria Algiers | Central Intelligence Agency | Chief of Naval Operations | Commander Special Operations Command European Command | Defense Intelligence Agency | Department of Defense | Department of State | Department of the Army | Egypt Cairo | France Paris | Israel Jerusalem | Italy Rome | Joint Chiefs of Staff | Jordan Amman | Lebanon Beirut | Morocco Rabat | Saudi Arabia Jeddah | Saudi Arabia Riyadh | Syria Damascus | Tunisia Tunis | Turkey Ankara | United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi | United Kingdom London | United Nations (New York) | United States Air Force | United States Central Command | United States Sixth Fleet | White House

As part of Israel media reaction report.

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