Monday, May 6, 2013

Buffett and Munger Diss Bitcoins

During the Q&A period, at the Berkshire Hathway annual meeting of shareholders, MarketWatch reports:

[...]amidst all the hard-hitting questions about the economy and government regulations, one shareholder wanted to know what Buffett thought of Bitcoins—a virtual currency. Not much, was the response. 
“I’ll put it this way, of our $49 billion we haven’t moved any of it to Bitcoin,” Buffett said.
Munger added, “I have no confidence whatsoever in Bitcoin being a universal currency.”
Of course, they weren't too excited about gold either.


  1. Interpretation; Bitcoin, good.

  2. The boys are planning to introduce their own currency called the "Buffmunger". It will be a "hard" currency backed by silly stories, tired euphemisms, and adoring media hot air.

    Those wishing to "mine" Buffmungers will require a honey dipping truck, a clothes pin, and a strong stomach...