Friday, May 31, 2013

Dambisa Moyo on Africa & What's Wrong With Foreign Aid

Below is a  clip of an interview conducted with economist Dambisa Moyo. Bill Gates recently said she has evil ideas.

She's not a full libertarian, but she sure knows the evil of foreign aid. She is also real good on"celebrity aid' and note her comments about Chinese investors versus those in the US.

Here's Moyo being interviewed by Bill Maher


  1. Bill maher, coming off as a bit of a libertarian in this clip... Musta been when bush was in office.

  2. That interviewer looked completely dumbfounded, she demonstrated how not to do an interview, all she was doing was focusing on the negative whereas dambisa was responding in a manner that is resilient and focusing on what can be done for the betterment of each african nation and thus people. Thanks all. Best of luck.
    Africa Media