Monday, May 13, 2013

‘First Book Ever To Be for Sale ONLY on Bitcoin’ (At least for awhile)

James Altucher emails:

I've been looking into Bitcoin as a sort of Gold 2.0. I am selling my next book (before it comes out) bitcoin-only for a few weeks:.

James writes about BTC:
It is not dependent on any one person (for instance, a Federal Reserve Chairman). It is not dependent on a government (for instance, a government that relies on a fiat currency). It is not dependent on complicated central bank operations to have the money transfer from one wallet to another (every wire or transfer from one human to another in US currency involves the central bank at some level unless it is in small amounts like a cash transaction). Nor is it dependent on “In God We Trust”, a phrase that was invented in 1862 so Lincoln could take us off the gold standard, print money to fund the civil war, and rely on God and a little prayer that the fiat currency would work which, thank God, it did.
More here. 

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