Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gordon Slams Chomsky

David Gordon responds to Noam Chomsky's latest diatribe against libertarians:
Though anarcho-syndicalism is the ultimate goal for Chomsky, he thinks that for now we should support reformist measures, making use of “the state system under limited democratic control.” In particular, we need to take action to combat “catastrophic climate change.” Propaganda by the oil industry tries to undermine efforts to deal with this problem, he laments; evidently vastly greater propaganda by the government on this issue designed to cripple industrial production does not concern him. He does not ask himself why oil companies would find it in their interest to turn a blind eye to a supposed catastrophe that would bring them down as well as others.  This question might seem an obvious one to pose, but Chomsky is too busy calling for “free” university education to think of it.
Read Gordon's full takedown here.


  1. For the record, if Gordon ever comes after me for anything-I give up.

  2. Ouch!

    Gordon is correct, of course. I remember listening to (briefly) an interview Chomsky did years ago where he mentions private property libertarians being barbarous and always placing our faith in the "free market". He then proceeds to discuss that few libertarians (so called) are consistant in their positions and the only guy who was ALWAYS consistent was Murray Rothbard. However, Chomsky believed that Murray's view of the world was so dark and bleak that no one would want to live in it?

    I would say that Chomsky is pretty consistent as well, consistently claiming to be an anarchist in principal while somehow always circling back to the all might State to combat the Bush-era "evildoers" that is coercion free commerce.