Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Intense Oklahoma Tornado Footage

The second half of this clip gives you a real sense of the tornado coming at the storm hunters.

(Via TalkingPointsMemo)


  1. I feel sorry for all the people hurt or killed by that tornado, but at some point don't you have to ask yourself why people continue to insist on living in an area so prone to getting hit by them that it is known as Tornado Alley?

  2. In another time and a parallel world, author L. Neil Smith in his sci-fi book, the Probability Broach, talks about tornado abatement technology.

    Yes it's fiction. However, whenever events like this happen, it reminds me of the unseen impact of manipulating the free market and that government is truly incapable of protecting innocents or adding value to our lives.

    What if unregulated free-market insurance companies had a real motivation to solve a problem like this?

    What if one day we could all see that military adventurism in the name of plundering natural resources for plutocratic aims was wrong and evil?

    For every dollar that government diverts for its own selfish aims, we lose sight of what the free-market could be doing to improve our short time we have here.