Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just Remember....

At the first Silicon Valley Bitcoin conference, Bitcoin 2013, RT and EPJ are here. Not any of the mainstream media. In years to come, they will all be here, but this year it is just us.

RT and EPJ: At the cutting edge of the future of money, economics and finance.


  1. This *is*, much appreciated!

  2. When the mainstream media starts reporting, there will be a lot of mindless analysis and fear mongering. Here, we actually get some intelligent analysis that doesn't seem to be overly pro or anti bit coin. You show the good and the bad. Once the media starts, their headquarters will distribute an approved script that the talking heads will all read verbatim from the teleprompter that will attempt to instill a uniform opinion on the matter to their viewers. In my opinion, when the government gets overly spooked by bitcoin, they will likely use the media to get people to believe it is just a tool of criminals, greedy capitalist tax-dodgers, and terrorists to sway public opinion.