Monday, May 13, 2013

Matt Drudge Warns of 'American Holocaust'

Dylan Byers explains:

Matt Drudge, the influential conservative aggregator, took to his personal Twitter account this morning to issue some extremely dire predictions for America following news that the Internal Revenue Service has been targeting conservative groups:


  1. I understand Drudge is the portal through which genuine awareness and intelligence moves to the wider, benighted world of mass-corporate media and dumbed-down sheep. Might we now expect a greater awakening to soon follow?

  2. 'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

  3. While, at this stage of decay, a REAL civil war (Unlike Lincoln's War to Prevent Southern Independence)is inevitable, it is exactly what the handful of wealthiest families than really run things desire. We (USA) are the world's lifeboat. There is nowhere else to go. The struggle between criminal sociopath megalomaniacs who are mad with lust for power and control of all other human beings and those of us who just want to be left alone to raise our families will be right here where we live. The Powers That BE know quite well their biggest obstacle is the few million white male middle-aged and older Americans who were born into a much freer world and actually know a little about history and human nature---and have the will and wherewithal to exact a devastating toll on a tyrant/oligarchy and their suckasses. For Americans to agree to join a NWO Third World, they must be beaten down to third world status. We live in the most sad and tragic, while at the same time most interesting and exciting, times this planet has ever seen. TPTB are tearing planks off of the world's lifeboat, handing them to us and saying, "Here, paddle with this". They will very soon run out of planks.