Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nigel Farage Flees Barrage of Abuse from Interventionists

The great battler against a centrally planned Europe must be making an impact. His opponents are resorting to that old dirty trick. They are calling him a racist. Whenever you see the racist card being used against a fighter of liberty for ALL, you know the opponents are desperate.

 The Guardian reports:

Perhaps for the first time ever in his political career, Nigel Farage, the scourge of British politics, found himself in retreat on Thursday evening, his bravado and ebullience punctured by dozens of protesters who hounded him out of central Edinburgh.

He was finally whisked away in a police riot van under a tirade of abuse from a crowd of about 50 young demonstrators – students, anti-racist demonstrators and activists in the radical left pro-Scottish independence movement after being forced to retreat not once, twice or three times, but four times.

Farage was first forced out of the Canon Gait pub on the Royal Mile after the landlord took fright as demonstrators disrupted his casual press conference with shouts of "racist", "scum" and "homophobe". Out on the street, as the fingers pointed and taunts escalated, he was quickly rejected by one cabbie who drove off within seconds, unnerved by the emboldened protesters, only to be turfed out of a second taxi as the cabbie refused pleas from the police to whisk him away.

Then finally the harassed and ill-prepared handful of officers were forced to push him back into the Canon Gait, slamming its front doors shut, as the demonstrators chanted: "Nigel, you're a bawbag, Nigel you're a bawbag, na, na, na, hey!" with gusto.

The etched sign above the Canon Gait's door read: "Enjoy your visit."

With further verses of: "Ukip scum off our streets" echoing off the late medieval tenements on the Royal Mile, Farage was bustled into a waiting police van under the glare of television camera lights and flashbulbs.

After gamely attempting to argue back, trying to hit back at the repeated accusations of racism and homophobia with protests of innocence, Farage finally had to admit even he was astonished.

Here's what they are afraid of:


  1. Straight out of the Alinksy playbook. Marxism is dead everywhere but the universities.

  2. "radical left pro-Scottish independence movement" -- It's a bit unclear which of "radical left" or "pro-Scottish independence" doesn't like Nigel. Are there "right" or "libertarian" wings of the pro-Scottish independence movement, and if so, what do such wings think of Farage?

    1. Even as someone over here in the UK whose been up to Scotland, it's rare to hear anyone even talk about scottish independence and libertarianism in the same breath. In fact it' hard to find anyone up in Scotland who even know what libertarianism is! If you listen it was a motley crew of individuals who thought Farage was a leftist and racist as well as being a crony capitalist bought and paid for by the banks!?! I think the only thing uniting most of them is that they are all dependent on government handouts for their survival and will be caught completely unaware when the situation blows up. Don't be surprised if suicide rates in Scotland jump exponentially as it did in Greece.

  3. So what do the other wings of the pro-Scottish independence movement (e.g., right or libertarian) think of Farage?

  4. I'm somewhat torn with UKIP. As a UK voter, or non-voter as the case may be, Farage's party seems the obvious choice as a libertarian, but I just can't help thinking he's another garden variety statist with a bit too much patriotism.

    What few libertarians there are in Britain seem to also share my unease, but I see regular praise for the man from across the Atlantic. I just don't know what to think of him.

  5. Orwell translation guide:

    "anti-racist" = speech banners
    "racist" = someone losing an argument to a statist
    "students" = losers
    "activists" = working age, unemployable

    I love Bob, because this definition covers those who debase Jason Richwine by pointing and sputtering, but never producing any evidence to refute him.

  6. There are no angels in politics. What I do know is that Farage is battling to prevent further centralization of Europe to unaccountable, unelected paper-pushers in Brussels.

    Anyone willing to fight ex-Commies from destroying what's left of Europe should have our support until he does something to warrant reconsideration.