Thursday, May 16, 2013

Democrats In A Tailspin

By, Chris Rossini

Three storms have hit the Obama Administration at once, and its pompous cheerleaders are clearly in a tailspin. They're struggling to weave their usual yarns in the hope that Americans will just go back into their daily stupor and loyally return to working for the taxman.

As libertarians, we're not surprised by any of the scandals. If anything, we're surprised that they're getting the attention they deserve. All three (IRS targeting dissidents, Benghazi lies, and AP spying on the media) are standard government procedure from our point of view; but since they're being brought to light simultaneously, it's harder for the talking heads to bury them.

That doesn't mean the cheerleaders won't try. Katrina vandenHeuvel, for example, tweeted that the scandals are a sham: "In these times of pseudo-scandals, tonight is for Marvin Gaye & Al Green & Aretha -- reminding me of the humanity that keeps us aloft." She says that the real scandals are in Bangladesh: Harold Meyerson reminds us of the real scandals. Mending factory conditions after Bangladesh.

Joining vandenHeuvel in the downward spiral is Chris Matthews. Back when Obama was first elected, Matthews almost jumped out of his skin. He proclaimed that "I want to do everything I can to make this new presidency work." If that isn't a nice snapshot of American media, I don't know what is.

As for 'making it work,' Matthews is totally powerless. Mises explains why this is so in his wonderful book Bureaucracy. The only thing that Matthews can do is help keep Americans in that foggy stupor. But with all three scandals hitting at once, he's having a hard time with even that. BusinessInsider reports:
"When you pick Obama, you want to know the steering wheel that you just turned to the left a little bit, you want that to matter," Matthews said, targeting Obama's leadership. "That means you want that president you voted for to run things. That's the only power you have as a citizen. Pick the person you want to run things, and then they run them."
In truth, picking some guy "to run things" is an attempt to make a fantasy into reality. Individuals have power over their own lives! Giving Obama (or anyone) some kind of fictional "steering wheel" is beyond dangerous. And, unfortunately, the delusion can become chronic. For it can (and did) extend to not only "running" the lives of 300 million Americans, but the lives of people halfway across the Earth!

The Benghazi debacle is only a snapshot of trying of trying to "run them". The U.S. has absolutely no business being involved in Libya, or the entire Middle East for that matter. So naturally, it all has to be shrouded in lies. It's nothing new. Americans remember the lies used as an excuse to invade Iraq. Yet, accepting lies has become a bad habit. Being well aware of this habit, Republican Neocons are trying to get away with it again in Iran, and possibly Syria.

Libertarians seem to be the only ones who are not surprised. Sheldon Richman says it perfectly: "Iraq and Afghanistan should have cured anyone who thought a bunch of American bureaucrats could remake a society."

Finally, following Matthews, there's Gail Collins of the NY Times, who's advice to Obama is to soothe the masses back into that foggy, woozy state, and away from all this criticism of the Crown:
Maybe he could start off with passing a bill that’s supereasy. I notice that in state legislatures, when times are tough, parties are sometimes able to get together in order to pick a new state thing. You know, state bird, state animal...

...The president could demand that Congress pick an official national rock. Committees could hold hearings about the relative merits of slate and granite. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would threaten to filibuster unless his colleagues considered coal. But, in the end, I believe everybody would rally around a grand compromise for marble. And the country would feel much, much better.

Baby steps.
Democrats are clearly up against the wall. They don't know what to say.

This is a good thing for liberty.

The only thing better would be for Republicans to up against that wall as well.

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  1. I'm so tired of the red state/blue state "debate."

    Arguing over who gets to captain the Titanic doesn't change the fact that they were both on the bridge going full steam ahead when the iceberg got in the way. The ship is going down and these morons are bickering about trivialities.

    I wonder if Matthews or the other Obama-bots in the media will re-discover reality before the life boats are full. Not likely.

    Personally, anyone who devotes his life to propping up the sociopath in the White House and his band of criminals while they completely destroy this country deserves to drown. Good riddance.