Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not a Good Sign for the US Stock Market....

Especially given that money supply (M2) growth is slowing. Earnings estimates are declining, while stocks soar.

(Chart via Not_Jim_Cramer)


  1. When you look at earnings/stock charts in the middle of the great depression there was a year what the same thing happened...right before the 2nd big dip in the stock market...

    Freaky and bad portents.

  2. If there is a slowdown organized by the FED ("Send out the Flying Monkeys!!!"), it will impact in ~ 18 months MOL. The Bad Times (As if these are the Good Times...).
    What happens in about a year and a half? The Midterm...midterm...Oh, I forget. But SOMETHINS' gonna happen, I'm sure.