Monday, May 13, 2013

Postal Service May Raise Prices Again

The U.S. Postal Service board will look into hiking postage prices on all types of mail, as losses continue to plague the agency, the chief of the board said Friday, reports CNN.

Mickey Barnett said the board has directed the service to "evaluate price increases," even though "as a board we are loathe to pursue this approach."

The current price of a first-class stamp is 46 cents. A one-cent increase went to effect Jan. 28.

 Of course,the internet is destroying mail delivery. In the three months ended March 30, the volume of first-class mail decreased by 4.3%, said USPS chief financial officer Joseph Corbett.


  1. I would suggest $10 per letter and $100 per piece of junk mail, and then let UPS and FedEx take over and drop the price to $.25. Time to let go of the past...

  2. I went to the post office the other day to mail a greeting card...

    what a joke --- a line out the door -- one teller --- when i get to the teller she informs me, "we ain't got no change." So i had to pay with a credit card for 1.12$ purchase or otherwise pay 2$ cash. And 1.12$ is really expensive to mail 2 little cards...

    The PO needs put out of its misery...I like spartacus' plan