Monday, May 13, 2013

The Pressure on Rand Paul to Disavow His Father Continues

LaTi was out with an article on Saturday that focused on little else  but Rand and his father. The subtitle to the article read:
The Kentucky Republican tells a crowd in Iowa he wants to be considered on his merits and escape the shadow of father Ron Paul. He seems to make headway.
The article then reported:
 He wrapped the message in a tone of optimism about the future more reminiscent of Ronald Reagan than Ron Paul. 
Ronald Reagan over Ron Paul? As David Stockman points out in his very important new book, The Great Deformation:
Rather than a  permanent era of robust free market growth, the Reagan Revolution ushered in two spells of massive statist policy stimulation before it finally ran out of steam at the turn of the century faux prosperity [that] reinforced the wrong-headed narrative that the Reagan Revolution had been a success...
Ron Paul is the real deal, not Ronald Reagan, but that won't stop LaTi from focusing on the differences between Rand and his father. The report continued about Rand's trip to Iowa:
"I was impressed," said Pastor Ron Brammer of RockPower Church in Des Moines, one of a small group of evangelical pastors who met with Paul on Friday afternoon, shortly after he arrived in Cedar Rapids.

"His father — some of his ideas were a little kooky," Brammer said, citing the elder Paul's call for abolishing the Federal Reserve. As for the son, "I liked what he had to say."

At a news conference before the speech, Paul stepped carefully after a reporter asked him to name areas in which he differed from his father, initially joking about not wanting to create dissension at the family's next Thanksgiving dinner.

"I haven't come out in favor of legalizing drugs," he said, adding that he thinks marijuana "isn't a harmless drug," although he doesn't want people "locked up for five years" for possessing it.

He favors "auditing the Fed," he said, when asked whether he would abolish it.
Rand, the neocons aren't going to accept you just for who you are and what you say. It's pretty clear, they are a bloodthirsty bunch and they want you to stick a knife in your father and twist the knife. They want blood Rand, your father's blood. Make your crazy run for the presidency, but Rand, keep your father out of it.


  1. Rand Paul; an extremely thin veneer covering the usual republican policies of cronyism and massive defense spending

    1. I think his budget cuts defense spending (I need to double check) if he successfully implemented that he'd be the first president since Ike to cut defense expenditures.

  2. Ever notice how modern-day politics so very closely resembles those things we'd consider to be primitive and barbarous in, say, Game of Thrones?!
    Does Rand really think that he will gain the rank of emperor ('president' is such a quaint, old-fashioned word) by disavowing his father (and his father's traitorous blood) and decrying his father's ideas? Not likely. He's simply showing himself to be the toady that he really is.

  3. Rand's not trying to win over the neocons. Neocons will likely cheer on some other candidate and work against Rand.

    He's trying to win over the pastor, the average caucus goer who isn't invested or tied with the whole neocon agenda. Reagan is their god and they don't like his dad. It's amazing what years of brainwashing and attacks by the MSM can do but it is what it is and I think Rand has to work within those parameters.

    Part of that is making clear he's his own man.

    These voters in Iowa have heard nothing but vicious attacks against Ron for 6 years so there's a bias against him and he needs to "reassure" those folks.

    1. So you are not a fan of educating the average caucus goer? Rather, let's pander and/or lie about our views to win their support? That is not the noble path.

  4. And what of the idea that Ron Paul actually did win Iowa last go-round?

    1. shhhh....that was down the memory hole before it was even happened. WHICH IT DID. but they didnt admit it for months

  5. Americans may be stupid, but they don't like a weasel who can't even pay homage to and respect his own father.