Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rand Paul is Pandering....Already


One of the great things about former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul is that he calls things exactly like he sees them … which is invariably exactly how they are.
For example, the elder Paul has been unapologetic in his opposition to America’s failed “War on Drugs,” just as he’s been adamant that government shouldn’t sanction or oppose marriage (gay or straight). Are those views “kooky” and “out of the mainstream?” Not at all … both have gained widespread acceptance, in no small part because they are absolutely correct.
But what about Paul’s son, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul? Sadly he’s moving in the wrong direction on both issues …
Taking the advice of the Rick Santorum wing of the “Republican” party, “Paul the Younger” has decided to overtly pander to social conservatives in an effort to shore up his fledgling 2016 presidential aspirations. Specifically, Paul says government should continue criminalizing recreational drug use and telling churches who they can and can’t marry.
“I’m not advocating everyone go out and run around with no clothes on and smoke pot,” Paul told a group of social conservatives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “I’m not a libertarian. I’m a libertarian Republican. I’m a constitutional conservative.”
Huh? What does that mean, exactly? Because we’ve never heard a candidate call himself a “Republican” or a “conservative” before …
What about simply supporting freedom and free markets and letting the labels take care of themselves? 


  1. I detest the "libertarian-republican" expression. It's an oxymoron. There is NO such thing. This unholy alliance (or appearance thereof) must be broken once and for all.

  2. "What about simply supporting freedom and free markets and letting the labels take care of themselves?"

    Because some people are stuck on stupid for the Republican label. As I keep saying, their god is not Jesus; it's the state. They just want their god to accept them.