Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rand Paul to Speak at Cato Shrugged

This summer on Tuesday July 10, Rand Paul is going to the guest speaker at a Cato University event.

This should be interesting. No topic as of yet has been announced, but given the new leadership at Cato it would not be a surprise to hear Rand call for further support for the 51st state. For sure, he will not call for an end to the Fed, an end to drug laws or the income tax. He will talk a lot about fairness and in broad generalities about liberty. He might quote Ronald Reagan, but you can be sure he won't quote his father--and that is a shame.


  1. Prediction: Rand will get bolder when he has the nomination in the bag

  2. Prediction: The establishment allows him to be in the running to get his father's supporters to vote for Jeb.