Friday, May 17, 2013

Shocking Attempt to Split Rand and Ron Paul

Over at Daily Caller, Jamie Weinstein and Will Rahn have posted an "email" between Rand and Ron Paul. The neocons want blood, the blood of Ron Paul and won't be happy until Rand sticks the knife in his father. Here's the off-the-wall "email" they have posted:
As Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul considers a 2016 run for president, the political world wonders how his father, former Republican Texas Rep. Ron Paul, will figure into his campaign. The Daily Caller has exclusively obtained a recent email exchange between father and son.

The exchange is reprinted here for the first time, in its entirety, and without comment.

FROM: Sen. Rand Paul
TO: Dr. Ron Paul
DATE: May 8th, 2013
Dear Dr. Paul,

While I appreciate your interest in helping me launch my presidential campaign, we need to talk about some of these staffers you’ve sent over. I understand they’re all committed loyalists and friends of the family but, at the suggestion of my political team, I’ve decided to let them go. I need your help doing this, as they don’t “recognize my authority” and are now squatting in my Louisville office while they await your instructions.

The security personnel all appear to be members of a biker gang, and I think the speechwriter you sent over is an honest-to-God sea pirate. This is all impossible to verify, however, as none of them will give me their real names.

Also, the press secretary you hired on my behalf — whom I know only as “Colonel Sven” — refuses to trim his beard or wear anything but an old Rhodesian army uniform. I worry about the message this appearance will send to reporters and voters, particularly if current demographic trends continue.

These men have set up some kind of bartering system in the office, and I have come to believe that at least one of the bikers is selling drugs during my speeches, which is attracting an undesirable element to public events. And while I appreciate their refusal to be paid in fiat currency, our finances at this point preclude us from paying anyone in Dutch krugerrands or clean needles.

Please call me as soon as possible so we can work this all out.


Sen. Rand Paul

The big question now is: The neocons want Rand to stab his own father. They are clearly not going to stop with the pressure. They appear to be more fixated on this, of late, than even the Middle East. How power hungry is Rand, is he going to put the knife in his hand? Will he use it?


  1. lol...the funniest thing about this fake e-mail is that it starts off "Dr. Paul" instead of "Dad".

    Anyway, the establishment can characterize Ron Paul and his followers however they want...but it doesn't change the truth of the situation.

    It is only a matter of time before more people become aware....especially when price increases from the inflation kick in harder.

    All the BS compromising, pandering, or whatever else Rand engages in really won't matter by then.

  2. Ron Paul knows his enemy. He and his message of liberty is an eagle-like grasp on the neocons. Ron Paul is too focused and busy; he laughs at familiar and desperate stunts like this email. Neocons wish it were so that freedom and its representatives were marginalized. That we are not is what concerns them.

  3. Pretty funny, but should be on the Onion or the Daily Currant.

  4. This is satire, it says at the top of the page