Sunday, May 26, 2013

WARNING: Tomorrow Is A High Government Propaganda Day

The government has a funny way of twisting things. They tell us that taxes are voluntary. Tell that to Irwin Schiff, Grammy award-winning singer Lauryn Hill or Wesley Snipes.

Jan Helfeld questioned Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) about this "voluntary"system.

Monday is declared by the government "Memorial Day."  It is a day of severe government word twisting. The government and their stooges will tell us that it is a day to honor those who died "protecting our freedoms."

In fact, those who died, are simply trained killers for the state, who died serving the state that paid them.

Some died in Iraq, a war which had nothing to do with "protecting our freedoms." Others died in Afghanistan, which rather than "protecting our freedoms," is a fight that is stirring up a hornets nest of hatred against Americans.

Major General Smedley Butler had it right about war, it's a racket. And only the racket operators would want to promote a day of "honor" for those who died trying to kill for them.

General George Patton provided a clue about what war is about when he said:
A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week[...]May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't.
And more to the point, he said:
I am a soldier, I fight where I am told...
Yup, trained killer for the state, helluva career move.

It is a sad thing to hear of people dying at any time, but the death of TKs, especially since the volunteer army, deserves little remembrance. In fact, it makes more sense to have a day of honor for those who have died in Chicago gang land slayings. At least in their battles, in their odd way, they are fighting to bring drug freedom to Chicago.

And in days gone by, Al Capone did more to bring freedom to America than some sap soldier who stepped on an  improvised explosive device in the Paktika province of Afghanistan.

And so when I hear the propaganda come heavy for the fallen trained killers, tomorrow. Where the propaganda will be difficult to escape, anywhere. It will be at baseball parks and on the radio. I will be thinking of those who truly help protect our freedoms. I will raise a drink and toast Al Capone, drug dealers, those attempting to advance Bitcoin and loophole finding tax accountants.


  1. like the picture over on lew's blog of death with message "i support everyone's troops"

  2. You have to keep in mind that when they say "voluntary" they do not mean it in the same way that most people would define it. Essentially, by "voluntary" they mean this: If a gunman asks you to hand over your wallet or be killed, if you hand over your wallet, you have made the voluntary choice to not be killed. You have voluntarily chosen between two distinct outcomes.

    Yes, it is a very twisted way of thinking, but that is what they mean by the term "voluntary".

    1. I'm a bit nuts but only because I see truth also.
      Thank you for being brave enough to say what is not popular, but rather what is true.

  3. As one of those who fought and nearly died in one of America's "arranged" wars, I do not want to disparage those (like myself) who thought (think) they are fighting for God and country. We honestly were (are) trying to do the right thing.

    Sadly, we were (are) not. We were sent on a fools errand by people who cared nothing for us, their country, or their fellow man.

    So, when you condem us, please be aware that it is the system that should be condemned, not the pawns on the chessboard.

    I am reminded of a scene in the movie Man On Fire where Denzel Washington asks Christopher Walken, "Do you think God will forgive us for what we have done?" Walken thinks for a moment, laughs, and shakes his head - no.

    I pray for forgiveness, for the lives I have taken. I stand before you, an American veteran who loves his country and is still ready to lay down his life for you, with one simple request - On this Veterans Day, let us stop the killing, the carnage, the lies. Let us force them to bring our kids home. No one anywhere should have to die for someone else's greed.

    Peace brothers...

    I am Spartacus