Sunday, June 23, 2013

About that Email from Michael Hastings Just Before Car Crash

The only source for the email is a Staff Sgt. Joseph Biggs, who approached the Los Angeles Times.

According to LaTi:
 Hastings sent the email to his colleagues just before 1 p.m. Monday and blind-copied his friend, Staff Sgt. Joseph Biggs. 
Biggs supplied the email to KTLA and said he and Hastings met when the journalist was embedded with Biggs’ unit in Afghanistan in 2008, KTLA reported.
The email would be much more credible if others stepped forward and confirmed they received the email. Why aren't they?

Second, the email states in the voice of Hastings that the FBI had contacted some of his close friends and associates. Why haven't we heard from any of these close friends and associates about FBI visits?


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