Friday, June 21, 2013

BREAKING Blockbuster Email from Michael Hastings Just Before Car Crash

LaTi reports:
In an email sent hours before his death in a single-car L.A. crash, journalist Michael Hastings wrote that his “close friends and associates” were being interviewed by the FBI and he was going to “go off the radar for a bit.”

According to the email, sent to KTLA, Hastings wrote he was working on a “big story” and was going to disappear. He told his colleagues that if the FBI came to interview them, they should have legal counsel present.

The subject of the email was “FBI Investigation re: NSA.” Hastings sent the email to his colleagues just before 1 p.m. Monday.
The FBI has denied investigating Hastings.


  1. While the notion that Hastings was murdered is worth investigating, it is important to recall, like the scientist who was hounded into suicide during the Anthrax investigation, that the ethical point is consistent.

    The government contributed (at the minimum) to the death of Hastings.

  2. Couple that with the dash cam footage from a police cruiser that just surfaced, and you have some strange circumstances:

    Note the footage of the perfectly placed beer bottle. Reminiscent of the magical passport of the Saudi national that was found at the twin towers after their fall. The guy totally blew a red light going way too fast for city streets. This stinks to high heaven.

  3. The FBI never lies about anything, including this

  4. Another 'message' for journalist. This one was HUGE.
    It's a coup.
    That's the game.

    1. It's hard to see it any other way, especially given the current NSA/CIA pissing match. Dwight Eisenhower wasn't kidding in his goodbye address.