Sunday, June 30, 2013

Daily Beast Headline: 'Rand Paul: I'm Not My Dad'

The attempt to separate Rand from his father continues. The Daily Beast writes (My highlights):

Standing in front of more than 100 South Carolina GOP activists in West Columbia Friday night, the Kentucky senator largely steered clear of the week's two dominant, divisive issues that are tying his party in knots: Gay rights and immigration reform.

Instead, he diverted from his early presidential-primary-state speech script and went for the jugular on a topic that, while not necessarily timely, would surely please a military-friendly crowd: A full-throated defense of profiling.

“After 9-11 we had a special program for student visas . . . Why?" Paul asked. "Because 16 of the 19 hijackers were overstaying their students visas. Was it targeting? Was it profiling? Yes. Because only certain people are attacking us. Why don’t we use some brain sense to go after the people who are attacking us?"

The guests ate it up, rewarding Paul with sustained thunderclaps. It was one of his biggest applause lines of the night. But it was also a curious statement from a likely 2016 White House contender who built his brand on a libertarian approach to government. This, from the same guy who stood on the Senate floor for 14 hours to protest the potential use of drones to target Americans?

Yet the undertones of Paul's full 23-minute speech to GOP activists at the state farmers' market were unmistakable: Rest assured, I'm not my father.

Paul is well-aware of his dad's reputation in the Palmetto State. Former Rep. Ron Paul barely competed in the 2012 primary here largely because his isolationist worldview was deemed a non-starter in a place home to eight military bases. In order to be competitive here three years from now, Rand knows he needs to vanquish Ron's long shadow.


  1. "Rand knows he needs to vanquish Ron's long shadow."

    What a monumental shame that an otherwise seemingly intelligent son fails to further a father's career of honor and integrity and realize that his is one of the very few shadows, these days, worth casting.

    Many years ago, former Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson appropriately wrote this:

    "We must not place in positions of trust cheap opportunists who will sell their souls for a mess of pottage. Rather we should place in public office men and women who place the love of God first in their lives and who, as a consequence, can serve their fellowmen with true wisdom."

    Not cheap politicians but statesmen are needed today. Not opportunists but men and women of principle must be demanded by the people. In this time of great stress and danger we must place only those dedicated to the preservation of our Constitution, our American Republic, and responsible freedom under God. 'Oh, God, give us men with a mandate higher than the ballot box.'" --from Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, Pg.685

    I hope Rand enjoys his mess. Only a fool would expect anything more.

    This holiday season when, in the distant past, I have shed tears of gratitude for a land of, at least, relative liberty and promise. Today I only morn its loss. I will not face the flag on the 4th. I could not bear it.

  2. 'What a monumental shame that an otherwise seemingly intelligent son fails to further...'

    Guy ths is another stupid article from the Daily Beast. Anyone who saw the speech would never recognize what they wrote. Expect more of this divisive nonsense. Shame RW is falling for it.

    1. The point is not what Rand said, but the manner in which MSM is directing the conversation about Rand,i.e.,that he is different from his father.