Sunday, June 30, 2013

Map Shows Highest Gas Taxes

New York and California have the highest taxes at #1 and #2, at 50.6 cents and 48.7 cents respectively. The lowest gas tax is in Alaska at 8 cents

(Chart by the Tax Foundation)



  1. Good news for Connecticut residents! On July 1, 2013 the wholesale gas tax will increase 4 cents, moving the state in 3rd place! WoooHooo. Oh, wait, I live in Connecticut-damn it.

  2. I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell you to find out NY and CA have the highest gas... What? Oh, Pelosi and Bloomberg... Never mind.

  3. I live in Washington State where the gasoline tax of 37.5 cents a gallon is ninth highest in the nation .... The gasoline tax serves as the revenue of Washington State, as it does not have an income tax.

    Yet the high gasoline tax, and the high sales tax in Whatcom County, the border county between the US and Canada, does not deter Canadians, mostly Asians and Punjabis and Sikhs, to drive to Bellingham Washington from Vancouver British Canada for gasoline at Costco, for groceries at Bakerview Fred Meyer, apparel, footwear, and department store items at Bellis Fair Mall.