Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FBI Admits to Using Drones Over U.S. Soil

FBI Director Robert Mueller admitted to Congress Wednesday that drones are already being used over U.S. soil.

Mueller told a hearing that the FBI had used drones to aid its investigations in a “very, very minimal way, very seldom… Our footprint is very small, and we have very few and of limited use, and we’re exploring not only the use but also the necessary guidelines for that use,” he said.

Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst with the American Civil Liberties Union, noted last year,“Based on current trends, technology development, law enforcement interest, political and industry pressure, and the lack of legal safeguards – it is clear that drones pose a looming threat to Americans’ privacy,” reports Salon.

Forecast: In the next 12 months we will here of an individual killed by law enforcement via a drone.


  1. Perhaps we already have. Michael Hastings? Just a thought.

  2. Weaponized drones are coming to America. Bank on it.