Saturday, June 1, 2013

Neocon Tree Huggers Are Just Going to Love Rand Paul

Rand Paul intriguingly introduced himself as a crunchy environmentalist in a Friday night speech at the Ronald Reagan presidential library, reports Politco.

He pronounced himself supportive of well-thought-out regulations on oil pipelines and touted his own eco-friendly lifestyle choices.

“I am a libertarian-conservative who spends most of my free time outdoors,” Paul said during his 30-minute speech in Simi Valley, Calif. “I bike and hike and kayak. I compost. I plant trees. In fact, I have a giant Sequoia I’m trying to grow in Kentucky."

Yup, save the Sequioa. Iranians, now that is a different story.


  1. I thought he said he wasn't a libertarian. Now he says he is. You never know with this guy.

  2. In the context of the current problems with Monsanto, the Keystone pipeline, and the state's reaction to dissent in regards to those ventures, this stance will resonate with statist libertarians. However, he's treating the symptoms and not the cause, as always.