Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bilderberg June 6 - 9 Conference

Stephen Lendmen reports:
Britain's five-star Grove Hotel is this year's venue. It's a Hertfordshire, England hotel resort. It calls itself "London's cosmopolitan country estate." 
It's 18 miles from London. It's 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport. It's ideal for secluded meetings.

 Infowars said its "inside source" listed the following June issues for discussion:

destroying Iran's nuclear facilities within three years;

prolonging war on Syria by arming anti-Assad elements;

the threat of a global pandemic

controlling 3D printing;

Internet control through "cyber resilience;"


  1. I think you got the 2012 talking points from the meeting, do you think you will be able to get them this year?

  2. This list isn't for the upcoming meeting but has some prior participants.

    It's not clear who's behind this website or their agenda. It seems to be an attempt to organize media who might attend.

    A number of British dailies reported on Bilderberg and how the public would likely subsidize the event's massive security. Nothing yet from the Guardian, the only major to have covered Bilderberg the last few years. WaPo's Donald Graham usually attends, as do reporters from WSJ and The Economist.

    The British do protests much better than Yanks. It could be an interesting week.