Friday, June 21, 2013

Rand Paul Reconciles with Jewish Republicans; "He Is Different From His Father"

Haaretz, Israel's oldest daily newspaper, is the latest paper to place Rand Paul in a positive light and tell us that "he is different from his father."

"U.S. Senator Rand Paul had a reconciliatory meeting with the Republican Jewish Coalition in his latest bid to forge ties with the pro-Israel community,"  reports Haaretz.

“There were some pleasant surprises,” Matthew Brooks, the Republican Jewish Coalition’s director, told the Washington Post’s Thursday edition, speaking of the meeting last week between Paul and the RJC board.

“While there may be areas of disagreement, he is very, very different — and certainly different with regard to his father,” Brooks said.

Haaretz goes on to tell us:
[...] Paul, who is eyeing a 2016 presidential run, has visited Israel and taken pains to distinguish himself from his father, Rep. Ron Paul, a perennial presidential candidate who has cast his own opposition to aid for Israel in stinging criticism of the Jewish state.

The younger Paul has instead said such aid harms Israel and has embraced other initiatives favored by the right-wing pro-Israel community, including cuts in assistance to Egypt and the Palestinian Authority.[...]

Paul earned a standing ovation last month at a meeting of the Zionist Organization of America on Capitol Hill.
For the record, Ron Paul is against foreign aid to all countries and believes the US should not meddle in the affairs of any foreign countries, including those in the Middle East. Nothing more or less. Rand's so called "reconciliation," as  Haaretz calls it, is all about Rand giving off hints that he is pro-Israel. Will we eventually see  a secret signal from Rand to lockdown the pro-Israel vote? More important, will we see Rand eventually be photographed with a butcher knife as a secret sign that he has completely separated from his father? Will his new "supporters" than demand a photo with blood on the knife?

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  1. Did someone supply breath mints and baby wipes to Rand when he was finished?

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