Friday, June 14, 2013

Rothbard Rolling Over in His Grave. Cato on PRISM

An EPJ reader emails:
"As the president said, the process involves some necessary loss of privacy. But it’s trivial..."


  1. My two cents....

    My conclusion:

    Every single communication by every single connected individual on the planet is subject to this activity by the NSA. I struggle to find a more all-encompassing definition of unlimited government. Yet, this is not unreasonable according to the defenders of “individual liberty” and “limited government”, the Cato Institute. This is not considered “excessive government power” in this time of “unprecedented access to information.”

    Murray Rothbard was one of the founding members of this Institute. There are likely few other examples of a most wonderful libertarian message being co-opted into the mainstream than Cato, as evidenced by this commentary.

    1. Murray, I suspect, would not have been surprised at all.

  2. The best way to control the opposition is to lead the opposition...