Monday, June 10, 2013

The 3x5 Index Card on Security

By, Chris Rossini

When scandals hit the government, and the populace is shaken out of its slumber, the opportunity can present itself for alternatives to the State. If emotional intensity is high enough, change can occur.

Naturally, government supporters will try to squash even the thought of alternatives. The usual line is to keep things as they are, have a few investigations, increase budgets, increase "oversight", and other nonsense which is carried on long enough for people to eventually forget about the scandal.

In the latest NSA leak case, we have a great example from David Frum. He pulls a Woodsian 3x5 index card approach as to what our alternatives are:

First of all, the government is already doing both!

Furthermore, notice how Frum tries to keep the issue boxed in, when in reality there is a HUGE alternative, which he dares not mention:


Americans can live without being spied on by the government or felt up (and radiated) by their employees at the airports.

We can survive (and thrive) without both!

Ron Paul spoke the truth many times on this very subject:

You never have to, and never should, give up any of your liberties for safety and security.

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  1. There's never been terrorism in the US that wasn't in some way sponsored by the US gov. The only way to stop terrorism in the US is to get rid of the Fed gov. NSA doesn't spy on Americans to "keep them safe." Why would anyone actually believe that?

    The NSA exists to protect the political class. The spying has nothing to do with terrorism but is instead the means by which no serious political opposition can organize and emerge to threaten the powers that are.

    From Obama to Feinstein to Ari Fleischer to Bush, the NSA/CIA/DHS/ATF/FBI/DOD etc exists for one purpose... to keep them and their crony friends fat, rich and in power.

    Everyone in the political class follows GoT's Cercei, "Everyone who isn't us is an enemy." You're either in the club or you are a threat to them no matter what country you were born in.