Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Truth About the Great Chinese Famine


  1. I remember sitting in my "Study of China" class at Kent State 22 years ago and the teacher telling everyone that China moved to Communism because they couldn't feed all of their people without Communism.

    Being a know nothing, dumb shit 19 year old at the time I remember thinking, "Hmm, that's interesting".

    My bullshit meter and life experience weren't honed well enough at the time to even question my Commie teachers statement of "truth".

    1. But getting rid of that vast horde of freakin' idiots would be "austerity" which would hurt the economy, right?

    2. If we could only go back.
      I'm "virtually" going back through the surrogate of my son whose B.S. meter is finely tuned.

    3. In fairness to Kent State(not that there weren't a bunch of Commies there, there was)- I just remembered it was a few years later when I transferred to Akron U. (which was a better institution at the time despite my experience with the Commie China class teacher)

      Kent State at the time I went was fun, 35% men to 65% women(it was know for producing "teachers") in attendance...and weed everywhere.

      I went to Akron a few years later while working full time, going 5 days/week at night.

      I don't know if my experience was better at Akron because I was older and "learning" with adults or if it was an institutional issue.

      Anyway, it was Akron a few years later, not Kent. I agree with you both.

  2. Wenzel you left out a good part!

    The author is hayekian...he talks about in part three..,won some Hayek prize too

    People should listen to that part too.