Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Robert Reich Gives Instructions To Silicon Valley

By, Chris Rossini

Robert Reich gives us a glimpse of how people in his world view Creativity and Creation:
Think about what's happening here.

While Reich sits in some classroom, filling kids heads with failed economic & political ideas, individuals from Silicon Valley have revolutionized the world! They have helped to create the tools that have raised the productivity of economies around the world.

The private and productive economy is constantly outfoxing and outrunning The State. Were it not for the amazing creations that have come out of Silicon Valley, perhaps the fungus covered boot of The State would have crushed us by now.

Yet, there's Reich admonishing the Valley to create something "really valuable".

Sadly this is how he and his authoritarian ilk view the world.

"You...Go make this!"

"You...Go make people less obese."

"You...Go get drugs off the streets."

"You...Go fight those Arabs and make them like us."

None of it happens, of course. The government fails every battle that it wages, whether it be against Cancer, Drugs, or Poverty. And it leaves one ruined nation after another in its militaristic wake.

Creativity and Creation are a part of the free individual's nature. When men are left free (or are able to sneak through the cracks of tyranny) the most amazing results are produced. Life gets a chance to breathe.

Creation does not stem from the barrel of a gun, or from the dictates of a professor.

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  1. And on top of that, when they do create something, people like Obama take credit for it saying "You didn't build that."

  2. What the heck does Reich think Silicon Valley is doing then? Now you can buy a great computer for 3-400 dollars that 8 years ago would have cost over 1400 dollars. give a kid a computer and an internet connection and he can learn just about anything.

  3. If Mr Reich wanted to lift 1 out 5 American kids out of poverty, he would teach Hazlett and Rothbard.

  4. For his next act, Mr. Reich will attempt to find his ass with BOTH hands.

    This is the first time Mr. Reich has undertaken this dangerous and mentally challenging feat, so I know you will join me in wishing him well and...

    What? He's tried it lots of times? Never has been successful? Not even once???

    never mind...

  5. Reich is wrong on several levels here.

    1) We already have something that lifts American children out of poverty. It's called the welfare system. The 1 in 5 number is from *before* the impacts of the tax and benefits system. Before Section 8 housing vouchers, before the EITC, before Medicaid and before SNAP. I can't remember the exact number but after the impact of all of those something like 3 % of US children are still below the poverty line.

    2) Try reading some Branco Milanovic. The bottom 5% of Americans have higher living standards than the top 5% of Indians. Yes, this is after adjusting for price levels. I'd say that we've pretty much abolished poverty in the US at that point.

    3) The bottom 10% of Americans have the same incomes as the bottom 10% of Swedes or the Finns. You know, those icy social democracies that do so much more for the poor than the US does?