Monday, June 17, 2013

Think Outside of Democracy

By, Chris Rossini

If you don't read every day, you're truly missing out. Today, Laurence Vance blogs:
I often hear or read conservatives (and some "libertarians") saying that they want to bring the Republican Party back to its roots. Why would anyone want to do that? As Tom DiLorenzo shows today in his excellent article, the roots of the Republican Party are evil roots. The GOP should be destroyed root and branch.
Vance brings up an excellent point. We are all familiar with this famous quote from the Bible: "By their fruits ye shall know them." Well, the Republican fruits that we are poisoned with everyday tell us about their roots.

No one has documented and explained the roots of The Republican Party better than Tom DiLorenzo. After reading his great works, a true libertarian would never come to the conclusion that we need to return to the party's roots.

For Libertarian ideas to win, we must instead seek to throw off (peacefully through education) the albatross known as The Republican & Democratic Parties. For they have succeeded in putting the minds of the American public into lockdown.
  • Do you want ObamaCare or RomneyCare?
  • Should the Fed steal 2% of your purchasing power or 4%?
  • Should the government supply weapons to Al Qaeda affiliated Syrian rebels, or provide billions in "humanitarian" aid?
  • Should the government forcefully take your kids from you at kindergarten age, or pre-school age?
Under the facade of choice, you merely get to pick your poison. Either way, you're dead meat.

Let's play dictator to see why such a setup (democracy) is pushed so hard by the world's elites.

Imagine yourself as a member of the political elite. Would you rather your serfs comprehend and understand that they are serfs? Or would it be better if your serfs felt they had a say in the matter?

Which type of serf would work harder for you? After all, as a member of the parasitic elite, you want the best African safari that your serfs can get you.

Which type of serf would be less likely to complain, and accept circumstances because "the majority" voted for it?

Obviously, if there's a way to get your serfs to accept (and even celebrate) their serfdom, wouldn't that be the way to go?

Of course! It's a no-brainer.

The job of the libertarian is not to get back to the rotted Republican roots.

We want the roots of Liberty! 

Our job is to explain to others that a life of false choices does not have to be. The game of "pick your chains" is man-made and not a fixture of nature, even though the bird of prey has many people believing that it is.

On the contrary, as Samuel Rutherford wrote in England back in the 1660's:
“Every man by nature is a freeman born; by nature no man cometh out of the womb under any civil subjection to king, prince, or man bringeth out of the womb with him a sceptre and a crown upon his head.”
Those are the roots that we want to take hold. We want to harvest the fruits that come from that tree. The belief that not only are we born free, but that we can (and should) remain free.

Such a state of affairs will only come about when Libertarians dump the tyrannical Republicans once and for all and plant the seeds of Liberty instead.

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  1. Bringing the GOP back its "roots" was pushed by Ron Paul. Of course it doesn't mean back to its Lincoln loving roots as Vance and Rossini would have you believe, it's just turning it into what WE think its roots should be. I agree the party is pretty corrupt but good progress is being made nontheless. For the apathetic to dismiss this and the work of the many thousands of dedicated activists that Ron Paul inspired is craven.