Monday, July 29, 2013

Breaking: Adam Kokesh Ordered Held Without Bond in D.C.

When you get directly in the face of the state, the state will get right back into your face. WTOP reports:
A D.C. Superior Court judge has ordered a veteran and activist accused of openly carrying a shotgun in D.C.'s Freedom Plaza held without bond.

During a preliminary hearing Monday, an attorney representing Adam Kokesh argued that the stunt -- filmed and posted on YouTube -- was nothing more than political theater.

The judge disagreed, ordering that Kokesh be held until his next court appearance.

"I consider your client to be a very dangerous man," the judge said. "This is not a political statement."

Kokesh had been arrested and charged with drug-related offenses in Fairfax County, Va., earlier in July.

He is expected back in a D.C. courtroom Aug. 13.


  1. "I consider your client to be a very dangerous man."

    Turns out that the judge is in reality the dangerous man, and "This is not a political statement..."

  2. I'm stunned a member of the statist machine would see an individual as a threat to the statist machine.

  3. The question is who exactly is adam very dangerous to? The answer is the state. It's dangerous when people actually have the guts to defend themselves against aggression and it has to be stopped because more and more people will pile on that bandwagon if they dont end it immediately and put some fear back into society.

  4. The state cant afford to look weak here, that is why adam is so dangerous