Monday, July 29, 2013

Economist Withdraws Bank of Israel Candidacy Over International Shoplifting Charge

And you would think shoplifting would be perfect training to steal purchasing power from the citizens of Israel via money printing.

AP reports:
One of Israel's top economists on Monday withdrew his candidacy as head of the central bank over an old shoplifting case.

The incident happened in a Hong Kong airport seven years ago. Jacob Frenkel told Israeli media he mistakenly thought his companion paid for an item he was carrying.

A committee reviewing his appointment raised questions about the incident, and Frenkel decided to withdraw his candidacy. Frenkel did not report the incident to the committee.[...]

[Since the shoplifting incident, he has] worked in finance, including as chairman of JPMorgan Chase International.

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  1. They were not mad that he shoplifted ....
    He was rejected because he was CAUGHT