Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Caregiver Bloomberg Now Wants New Yorkers To Use The Stairs

By, Chris Rossini

Bloomberg is at it again.

He recently signed an Executive Order (which probably created an exhilarating rush) that:
"...requires that agencies assess opportunities to promote the use of stairways, and that agencies train design and construction personnel in the use of the City’s Active Design Guidelines." [...]

"Additionally, the Bloomberg Administration plans to submit for City Council approval two items of legislation to promote access to stairways in all new construction and buildings undergoing major renovations in New York City.  The first bill requires that building owners give occupants access to at least one, clearly identified stairway in the building; and post signs that prompt stair use near elevators.  The second bill increases access to and the visibility of stairways by permitting the use of hold-open devices in the doors of one stairway per building, for a maximum of three consecutive floors."
After reading the press release, I did not see any mention of New Yorkers being forbidden from carrying 12 packs of Coca-Cola up those stairs...So there's always that freedom.

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  1. The only thing more dangerous than a private citizen with billions of dollars who thinks he runs the world is a government with trillions of dollars who thinks it runs the world...

  2. It would seem many billionaires (too many) are inflicted with the control thy neighbor gene.